lava tibetan silver adjustable cord aromatherapy diffuser bracelet

Tibet You Can - Lava Diffuser Bracelet

Crafted from a single Lava Bead adorned by Tibetan Silver on an adjustable cord, Tibet You Can is a simple aromatherapy bracelet, perfect for wrists of all sizes.
Smallest Diameter - 4cm approx
Largest Diameter - 8cm approx
  • Wear & Care

    Lava jewellery is the perfect answer to your aromatherapy diffuser needs!  You'll get the best of both worlds when wearing lava diffuser jewellery - topical and aromatic benefits of your favourite essential oils.


    When applied to Lava stone, essential oils will last approximately 2-3 days.


    Please take care to avoid applying essential oils to any cords, metal and decorative beads on your lava jewellery.