20cm selenite crystal lamp queensland

Selenite Lamp 20cm

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Widely known for its cleansing and emotional balancing properties, Selenite, is a stunning shimmery milky gypsum crystal.


Rated a 2 on the Moh's scale of hardness, gyspum is one of the softest gemstones in existence, so please take care of her!  


It's often used to reduce electromagnetic smog from EMF emitting devices to enhance sleep, mood, focus, energy and memory.


Also known to reverse the effects of free radicals in the body, mitigate the effects of mercury fillings and to ease headaches!


Selenite lamps diffuse a radiant glow bringing calm and tranquility to the home.


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  • Care Instructions

    Selenite Lamps are very fragile and brittle, so please take care!  Should your lamp become dusty, remove the light fighting and carefully rinse under water and leave to air dry.