rescue - amethyst and crystal quartz point cuff

Rescue - Crystal Quartz, Amethyst Cuff

Rescue - a wire wrapped amethyst rondelle and clear crystal quartz cuff with a cause. 

100% of profits from the sale of these cuffs will be donated to Operation Underground Railroad, Destiny Rescue and Exodus Cry.  Please read on...


*Trigger Warning* There's been something playing heavy on my heart lately, and so today instead of writing pretty words about gemstones, I'm going to write about child sex trafficking, because amid all of the current events of the world I keep hearing the words 'what about the children?'  


Devastatingly, millions of children are trafficked or trapped in sexual exploitation around the world. 

It's estimated that 40+ MILLION women and children are trapped in prostitution.

Children as young as TWO years old are bought and sold like cattle.

Children are filmed being molested by their parents and their videos sold online.

Pre-teen girls pimped out by their parents for money to buy the latest iphone. 

Yet there is very little mention of this in the main stream media.  No protests. No petitions. No outrage. 


As a mother, this tears my heart apart in a way I can't even describe.  Where is their justice? Where is their outrage? 


Thank god for organisations like OUR Rescue, Destiny Rescue and Exodus Cry who work tirelessly behind the scenes to liberate children from sex trafficking and exploitation.  


These organisations are not-for-profit and rely on our support to fight this ongoing battle and rescue these precious babies. 


If you would like to know more about these organisations, please visit -



I also encourage you to watch the Nefarious: Merchant of Souls documentary to gain an understanding of why we so desperately need these organisations.  Please also understand that this is heavy content.


Metal: copper alloy.