Revealed - Aromatherapy Diffuser Bracelet, Frangipani

As a snake sheds its skin to grow and reveal a lusterous new body, revealed reminds us that we can also grow and be renewed - in faith, in life, in spirit.


Revealed is a snake skin-like stretch bracelet that will fit all sizes of wrist.  It features a diffuser pendant with frangipani flowers which enclose your essential oil balls.


Place a few drops of your favourite essential oils onto a ball and it will be aromatic for weeks to come.


Metal: Zinc Alloy.  

Includes 5 diffuser balls.

  • Wear & Care

    Your aromatherapy jewellery is made for use with theraputic grade essential oils (we recommend and love doTERRA).  Simply place a few drops onto the diffuser ball and enjoy the aromatic benefits.

    Please be careful to avoid oils coming into contact with other elements of the ewellery as they are not stainless steel and may tarnish over time

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