I Heart You - Lava Diffuser Necklace

I Heart You - Lava Diffuser Necklace

A beautiful simple coloured stone, set on a stainless steel chain with each stone capped with a stainless steel flower and findings.


Did you know - Natural Lava cannot be dyed!  Genuine Lava is black or brown only.  This particular piece is made from created lava, which will still diffuse your essential oils beautifully and in the same manner as geniune lava.


Pendant - approx 23mm

  • Wear & Care

    Lava jewellery is the perfect answer to your aromatherapy diffuser needs!  You'll get the best of both worlds when wearing lava diffuser jewellery - topical and aromatic benefits of your favourite essential oils.


    When applied to Lava stone, essential oils will last approximately 2-3 days.


    Please take care to avoid applying essential oils to any cords, metal and decorative beads on your lava jewellery.