cypress wood aromatic bead bracelet with galaxy jasper, aquamarine, aromatherapy

Honey - Cypress Wood, Galaxy Jasper and Aquamarine Bracelet

Cypress Wood - shades of amber brown, similar to the colour varieties of Honey.  A naturally aromatic wood with an earthy, spicy, resinous scent, which leans toward the masculine.  Its aroma pairs well with citrus oils, such as lemon, bergamot and grapefuit.


In contrast to the earthy colour of the Cypress, our double wrap bracelet includes vibrant purple Impression Jasper (otherwise known as Galaxy Jasper) and Aquamarine.


The wooden beads are raw and uncoated and will absorb any liquids they come into contact with - making it a perfect Essential Oil diffusing bracelet.  Place a drop of oil onto your fingertips and massage into the bead.  Please note, that oils and liquids may stain or darken the wood.


Available in S/M (fit 15-17cm wrists) and M/L (17-19cm wrists).  

Silver beads - Zinc Alloy.