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Eternal - Aromatic Essential Oil & Perfume Diffuser Pendant

I carry you heart, I carry it in mine.  


Eternal is a beautiful keepsake piece which can be used to store your loved-ones ashes, or as an essential oil diffuser pendant.  


Carry your favourite essential oils or perfume with you wherever you go!  Eternal doesn't just use felt pads to diffuse the aroma of your oils or perfume, they store it too.


Simply unscrew the pendant into three parts: The bottom third is the reservoir to place your oils, the middle is the control which has a small hole to allow the aroma of your oils to diffuse. The top third is a hollow cylinder which holds the felt pads for oils to be dropped onto.


Should you wish to use this pendant as a keepsake for ashes, please place them in the bottom third reservoir and then plug the diffuser hole on the middle control with a little silicone.  This will ensure that the ashes do not spill.  The top third can then still be used as a diffuser when you place oils on the felt pad.


Crafted in 316L Rose Gold stainless steel

Pendant measures approx 10mm x 43mm

Incudes matching chain

10 felt diffuser pads included in a range of colours.  


To insert and remove the diffuser pads from the cylinder we recommend using tweezers.

Please do NOT over tighten the pendant as you may strip the thread.