Found in Karelia region of Russia, Elite Shungite is a lustrous, rare mineral which is mined by hand due to its fragile nature.  


Elite (or Nobel) Shungite is one of the only materials in the world to contain hollow, pure carbon molecules known as fullerenes.


The discovery of fullerenes won scientists the Nobel Prize in 1996 and was considered a real breakthrough in nanotechnology. Fullerenes are believed to be an extremely powerful anti-oxidant and are being thoroughly studied for their benefits to health.


These unique molecules are what scientists believe give shungite its EMF protection properties as well as other health benefits including reducing oxidative stress, reducing inflammation, purifying water and killing viruses and bacteria. 


Shungite can be worn on the body, carried in your pocket and placed near EMF emitting devices, such as Computers, Microwaves, Modems, etc, to neutralise the electromagnetic field.

  • Specifics

    Please note that every piece of raw, elite shungite is unique and therefore each piece will be a different size.

    Approximate size is

    20 - 30mm H 

    20 - 30mm W