December Birthstone Bracelet - Tanzanite

December Birthstone Bracelet - Tanzanite

Made with intention and purpose; to be worn and treasured - this is the heart behind all of our handmade jewellery pieces.

Birthstone jewellery is a beautiful keepsake to honour the ones we love, and the ones we've lost. A precious gemstone to represent each month of the year.

Tanzanite is a rare blue gemstone which was named by jewellery company, Tiffany & Co because of the location of the only know deposit - Tanzania. That, and Blue Zoisite (its mineralogical name) didn't quite have the ring to it that they required for marketing!

Only discovered in 1967, Tanzanite has been named the 'gemstone of a generation' and it's expected that its supply will be depleted within the next few decades, making it a significant investment.


Due to its lower Mohs hardness rating, care should be taken to avoid impact when wearing Tanzanite.  For this reason we do not recommend this bracelet for children.

Tanzanite is also the 24th wedding anniversary gemstone.

Our Tanzanite chips have been paired with Amethyst and Hematite, which brings out its beautiful violet hue.

The origin of birthstones are as old as they are mysterious. Whilst the first official Birthstone list was created in 1912, it's thought that its origins go back much further! About 3,000 back. In the book of Exodus a breastplate is described to be adorned with 12 precious stones. It was then theorised that these 12 stones represented the 12months of the year. The history is quite interesting and you can read more about Birthstones over on the BLOG.

  • Wear & Care

    Your aromatherapy bracelet is made for use with theraputic grade essential oils (we recommend and love doTERRA).  Simply place one or two drops onto your fingers and massage into the Lava Beads.  Allow the oil to be absorbed by the Lava before inhaling the beautiful aroma.

    The scent will remain on your stone for up to 3 days depending on the oil.  Simply layer additional oils to change or add to the scent.

    Please be careful to avoid oils coming into contact with other elements of the lava jewellery as they may tarnish over time.

    Semi-precious and precious gemstones require a little more TLC than stainless steel or metallic jewellery - please avoid wearing your gemstones whilst cleaning as the chemicals may damage the stones.

  • Warranty

    Should your bracelet break within 3 months of purchase, we will offer one free restring. The cost of postage to return the item to us is at the expense of the buyer.  Oleander Place will return the bracelet to you via regular mail.

    Please ensure that you return as many beads as possible as we can only replace a max of 3 gemstone beads.  The rest will be made up of lava beads.

  • Children

    Due to the size of the beads, and other elements used in our diffuser jewellery, we do not recommend these for children under 3 years old.