Clear Quartz Triangle Earrings - Gold

Clear Quartz Triangle Earrings - Gold

Clear Quartz; one of the most abundant minerals on earth.  A beautiful classic gemstone with a long and varied mythology from almost every culture on earth.  Historically, it's been used to relieve headaches, anxiety and stress and is known as the 'master healer'.


It's the modern birthstone for April and due to its colourless nature, it can be worn with absolutely everything!


Our Clear Quartz terminated crystals are set on silver or gold plated earrings and measure approximately 40mm from the base to tip. 


There is very limited stock available of these earrings.  If sold out, please contact me should you wish to order a pair.

  • Wear & Care

    To keep your earrings shiny, please do not wear in water.  Also ensure that you wear the earrings after you use perfume or hairspray.