Bodywell Chip

Bodywell Chip

The Bodywell Chip is scientifically proven to reduce mobile phone radiation without interfering with your mobile phone reception or functionality. The Bodywell Chip fits directly on any mobile phone/iPad or tablet of any size. It's only 0.3mm thick, so will fit under most protective phone cases. It's easy peel-and-place application.


The Bodywell Chip is a blend of natural materials and minerals, that create a field that counters cellphone SAR (specific absorption rate) radiation without affecting cell service.The chip is programed to generate counter-propagating waves cancelling out (EM) waves in what’s called: “destructive interference”. This is similar to the effect of noise-canceling headphones, which greatly reduce noise with a form of counter-noise, rendering the disruptive sound neutral. 


The Bodywell Chip is made by EZ Technologies AG, a Swiss-owned technology firm. The Chip is manufactured in Austria and tested in FCC-certified labs in the United States. Independent studies have shown that the Bodywell Chip reduces SAR by up to 80.3% and is 100% natural and safe.


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