gold leather gold diffuser pendant stainless steel aromatherapy wrap bracelet

Blossom - Gold Aromatherapy Diffuser Wrap Bracelet

What I know for sure is this:
You are built not to shrink down to less, but to blossom into more.
To be more splendid.
To be more extraordinary.
To use every moment to fill yourself up.


Diffuse your oils in style with Blossom. A stainless steel pendant IP plated in Gold, supported by a Gold leather wrap with buckle closure.


The best thing about our wrap bracelets?  The straps and pendants are interchangeable!!  Simply unclip and swap out.  Of course, this means you'll need to buy more than one!


Prefer a different colour strap?  A Port Wine coloured wrap is also available.

The faceplate unscrews to place in your oil infused pad.

The belt style wrap is adjustable in length and will fit from tween to adult.

  • Wear & Care

    Our stainless steel aromatherapy jewellery is made for use with theraputic grade Essential Oils.  Simply add a few drops of your favourite oil to the diffuser pad, pop it in the pendant and enjoy the aromatic benefit!  


    Diffuser pads hold scent well and can diffuse for weeks, depending on the amount of oil used.  


    Please avoid placing oils directly onto the leather as it may discolour or damage it.

  • Children

    Due to the size of the beads, and other elements used in our diffuser jewellery, we do not recommend these for children under 3 years old.