wild orange essential oil doterra

5ml doTERRA Wild Orange Essential Oil

Cold pressed from the Peel, Wild Orange Essential Oil has countless uses and is one of doTERRA's most popular oils!


Wild Orange is an uplifting, sweet, citrus scent and is perfect for purifying the air and energising your mood.


High in monoterpenes, Wild Orange posses amazing purifying properties making it an amazing cleaning product for use on most surfaces around the home - especially in the sink or bathtub where unpleasant odours can occur!

Feeling that 3 o'clock slump?  Feeling a little stressed?  Place a few drops into your diffuser, or into the palm of your hands and inhale and Wild Orange will life your mood and energy levels.


During the colder weather months, Wild Orange is great for immune support - place a few drops in a capsule, or in your favourite tea.

Add to baking, raw treats, mousse, or anywhere you’d love a fresh sweet taste!

Tip from me - Choc Orange bliss balls are a must!!

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