Graphic Design

Did you know that aside from making amazing jewellery, I'm also a self taught designer?

Yessirreee!  Prior to going on maternity leave and starting my own jewellery business, I worked for our Regional Tourism Organisation as a Digital Specialist!  Working with small to medium enterprises on building their organic web presence, social media growth, website design and connecting to ATDW (Australian Tourism Data Warehouse).  During my 6 years working with the RTO (and in the 6 years since) I taught myself how to to use Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop to create marketing material - and I loved every minute!

I designed tourism guides, flyers, event invitations, logos, and brochures - amongst other things! 


Most recently I've also created marketing material for small businesses in both Brisbane and Gladstone - including logos, flyers and information and event booklets.

And now, I'm excited to get back into the design world with my own creative works!  More items will be added to the store as they're created and all will be printable files which you can print yourself, or take to Officeworks, etc, to have professionally printed!  I hope you enjoy my side project.

Please reach out if you have any custom requests, I'm always here to help!  xx