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Winter Wellnes Exilir

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

I'm a firm believer in preventative health - Taking measures all year around to build up the bodies immune system to keep it fighting fit during 'flu season'.

I say 'flu season' because even though it always occurs during the cooler winter months, bacteria and viruses exist throughout the entire year. Is it possible that there is no such thing as flu season? Is it possible that our bodies (which internally sits at 37*) are just not able to adapt to the dramatic shift to cooler weather conditions, which put a strain on our ill-prepared immune system leaving us unable to fight off viruses when faced with them???

When we combine poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, emotional and physical stress, lack of Vit D, lack of sleep, long term antibiotic use, ongoing illness, etc, our immune system is weakened and compromised, and we inevitably we catch every dreaded cold and flu that comes our way.

So... how can we kick our immune game up, and kick these bugs to the curb?

  • Eat nutrient dense, whole foods.

  • Get enough sleep. Duh

  • Exercise.

  • Get out into the sunshine

  • Mindfulness and Meditation to reduce stress.

  • Eat fermented food and feed your gut bugs! A HUGE portion of your immune system is in your gut and those lovely bugs need to be fed - sauerkraut (from the fridge section. If its out of the fridge it has been heat treated and all of those lovely bacteria are dead!) Yoghurt with live cultures (say no to Yakult! SorryNotSorry), coconut yoghurt is perfect. Kombucha, Water Kefir, Kimchi, apple cider vinegar (with the Mother).

  • Good quality probiotics.

  • Prebiotic foods to feed those probotics! Think raw garlic, cooked and raw onion, asparagus, banana, apples, sweet potato, oranges, leeks, ginger, etc.

  • Essential Oils!!! We love our immune bomb blend of essential oils and use them throughout the entire year to protect us from seasonal threats and give our immune system a boost! Recipe below!!

And what to do if we still get sick? Sure, it happens to the best of us. In fact, I am currently on the tail end of a week long cold.

Going back to what I said above about preventative health, I've been off track recently - I've eaten things pretty regularly that I know I shouldn't, I'm definitely not getting enough sleep and I had laser tattoo removal about 7 weeks ago (hello heavy metal detox). So, basically I haven't been taking care of myself and my immune system has taken a beating.

This brings me to the Winter Wellness Elixir! Along with high dose Vit C, probiotics and bentonite clay and essential oil bathes, we take the elixir to help our immune system when it's down.

Made from local raw Honey, Coconut Oil and a blend of essential oils which soothes an irritated throat and helps with respiration.

Combine about 1/4c each of raw local (if possible) honey, and organic coconut oil with the following essential oils.

5 drops Frankicense (supports healthy immune, nervous and cellular function)

5 drops On Guard (immunity blend)

3 drops Wild Orange (powerful purifying agent and supports healthy immune function)

5 drops Lemon (supports healthy respiratory function)

3 drops Oregano (a powerful immune system and respiratory support

3 drops Tea Tree (promotes healthy immune function and protects against environmental and seasonal threats)

4 drops Lavender (promotes healthy respiration)

Approximately 1/2 - 1tsp for kids and 1/2tbsp for adult to be taken as required.

Disclaimer - all opinions in this post are my own. I am not a doctor, or medical professional but research and use essential oils extensively. Due to the diluted nature of essential oils in this elixir, we take this internally. We also give this to our daughter who is 3years old.

Please do your own research into the safe ingestion of essential oils and make a decision which you feel comfortable with for yourself, and your family. Should you decide against using the elixir, make yourself an easy Immune Bomb roller bottle!! Use daily on the back of the neck, spine and under the feet.

The elixir recipe is not my own and has been adapted from a number of recipes online and in The Essential Life oil reference book.

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